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GREG GUTFELD: Biden’s entire presidency is predicated on a lie that he and the media sold the public

todayJune 24, 2024 1

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A fact-checking website called Snopes, which usually leans further left than a one-legged roller blader, just branded as false the explosive idea that Trump once called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people.” Wow. What’s next? A 2024 exposé about this young, up-and-coming singer called Elvis Presley? Because while the left has been spreading this crap like jam across Brian Stelter’s chin, we’ve been calling it out from the start. It’s only taken the left seven years to finally cop to the fact that the “very fine people” hoax was actually a hoax. Which, coincidentally, is the same amount of time it takes Joe Biden to find his way out of a walk-in closet. But for the corporate press, this might actually be fast-breaking news. They’re still catching up on this new dance craze called the Macarena. But what’s most disturbing? If you recall the dim, dark days of 2020, Joe Biden cited the “very fine people” quote from Trump as his reason for running for president. Well, that and hoping to learn if the Oval Office cushions really were stain-resistant. But he said that despite all the audio and video evidence showing that it didn’t happen. So if you were to say that Joe Biden’s entire presidency is predicated on a lie that he and the media sold the public, you’d actually be speaking more truth than Biden was when he launched that presidency, and you’d do so without needing an Adderall suppository. But as I always say, just because you’ve cured one hoax, you brace for another one. And at Thursday night’s CNN Presidential Debate, we’re about to see this latest one sprout like a blackhead in the folds of Jerry Nadler’s back fat. IN HIS OWN WORDS: PRESIDENT TRUMP ON CHARLOTTESVILLE PROTESTYep. January 6th is about to be sold to us as the most significant date since 9/11, December 7th and July 4th rolled into one. If they made it any more of a holiday, there would be a mattress sale. So expect Jake and Dana to push January 6th like a hot dog cart up Sixth Avenue. Because of Joe’s disastrous policies, that’s all they got. So if you are voting against Trump due to this insurrection narrative, ask yourself this. Did I fall for the “very fine people” narrative, too, and all the other hoaxes we’ve detailed on this show? Like Crossfire Hurricane, the fake laptop, the P tape, on and on and on.Be honest with yourself. Did I hear Trump foment any violence with my own faculties? You didn’t. Because, like the fine people hoax, it was edited. Trump didn’t try to topple the government or encourage it. In fact, Trump said to protest peacefully. But Joe will bleat on about January 6th, 2021. He doesn’t have many January 6th’s left. But it was one day. Unlike all the protests we’ve had from Antifa to the pro-Hamas crowd doing millions in untold damage, while the likes of Alvin Bragg dropped the charges like a hot potato. Who am I kidding? He’s never dropped a potato in his life. So how should Trump handle yet another hoax? Should he snark at Joe that he’s too old to tell what’s true anymore? When Joe calls Trump a convicted felon, should Trump pivot to Hunter? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but perhaps he should quote former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. ANDREW CUOMO: The attorney general’s case in New York, frankly, should have never been brought. And if his name was not Donald Trump, and if he wasn’t running for president, I’m the former AG in New York, I’m telling you, that case would have never been brought. And that’s what is offensive to people.And believe me, this guy’s an expert on what’s offensive to people. But Trump could add that unlike the Biden family, the charges against him weren’t real, but created in an unprecedented fashion to keep Trump from being here at this debate. This was election interference in plain sight, using the justice system to subvert democracy, subvert democracy. And surely Biden’s mental fitness will be brought up Thursday night. But you just know so will Trump’s. And you know what the media does to a perfect, brilliant, beautiful statement that Trump makes.TRUMP VERDICT HAS STARTED ‘WAR OF WEAPONIZATION OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM,’ LEGAL EXPERTS WARNDONALD TRUMP: They take a perfect, brilliant, beautiful statement that I make. I go for two hours without teleprompters and if I say one word slightly out, they say he’s cognitively impaired. Whereas Biden can run into walls. He can fall off the stage. He can fall up the stairs. He falls up.It’s funny because it’s true. But President Trump, if you’re watching, and I know you are, maybe kill Joe with a little kindness. You could say, with all due respect, for your sake, Joe, and for the sake of the nation, you should just go. There are just some things you can’t do anymore, like walking and talking, managing the leadership of the free world, and also taking a leak in under eight minutes. But maybe don’t say that, Mr. Trump. Perhaps just keep it short and sweet and say, Joe, you had a good run– 50 years on the government dime. Maybe it’s time, Mr. President, to give this country a break. We all could use one.

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