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NEA president mocked for copying ‘The Office’ character Dwight Schrute in ‘totally unhinged’ speech

todayJuly 7, 2024 2

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The president of the National Education Association (NEA) was mocked over the weekend for giving a “totally unhinged” speech that reminded critics of a comedy skit from a famous American TV show. NEA President Becky Pringle banged on the podium, flailed her hands in the air and screamed about winning “all the things” repeatedly at the NEA’s Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly (RA) in Philadelphia. X critics compared the moment to an iconic scene with Dwight Schrute from “The Office.” During the screechy speech, Pringle called for transformative social justice change in the education system in the pursuit of equity. NEA TEACHERS UNION SPENDING $140K FOR ‘ENEMIES LIST’ OPPOSITION RESEARCH OF GROUPS TURNING UP HEAT ON SCHOOLS”To unite not just our members, but the nation to reclaim public education as a common good, as the foundation of our democracy, and then transform it into something it was never designed to be—a racially and socially just and equitable system,” Pringle said. “We worked hard to rid ourselves of a tyrannical, deceitful, and corrupt White House, but the reality is that the seeds that were sown during that horrible season continue to germinate.” “We are the ones who help shape the heart of this nation’s hope and dreams. We are the ones who hold steadfast to the belief in the plausibility of the possible. We are the heirs of all who did this work before us. We must keep going. NEA Delegates, we can do this work. We must do this work,” she added.  “Our students are depending on us to win all the things,” Pringle said, while continuing her screechy pitch.  “All the things! All the things! All the things.”Critics, such as school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis called her speech “off-the-rails” and compared it to a scene from “The Office.” “These power-hungry control freaks think they own your kids. They’re in a cult that worships government and detests parents. It’s time to defund teachers unions and allow the money to follow the child,” Corey DeAngelis told Fox News Digital. “Becky Pringle pulled a Dwight Schrute. She is off-the-rails and desperate to maintain control over the minds of other people’s children.”NEA SOCIAL JUSTICE TRAINER ADMITS CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN K-12 DESPITE CLAIMS BY UNION BOSS BECKY PRINGLEThe creators of Dwight’s speech based his over-the-top performance upon real speeches by Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.”Blood alone moves the wheels of history!” Schrute said in the episode. “It has been a lifetime struggle. A never-ending fight. I say to you, and you will understand that it is a privilege to fight! We are warriors!… Rise and be worthy of this historical hour! No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself! …We must never acquiesce, for it is together, TOGETHER, THAT WE PREVAIL!Critics said Pringle’s speech carried similar screechy riffs and mannerisms. Pringle proposed transforming the education system with social justice. “Her overwrought, hyper-partisan tirade amounted to an advertisement for school choice,” said Heritage Foundation research fellow, Jason Bedrick, in a statement to Fox News Digital.MASSACHUSETTS TEACHERS’ UNION BEGS FOR CASH AFTER BEING FORCED TO HANDOVER $300K FOR ILLEGAL STRIKE”During her speech, Pringle claimed the NEA would ‘continue to embrace the profound trust that has been placed in’ them. Apparently, she hasn’t seen the polls showing record-low public trust in public schools,” he added. “Even Pringle’s over-the-top, Dwight Schrute-like theatrics can’t distract from her union’s role in the dismal state of education in this country, from keeping schools closed for far too long during COVID, to shielding bad teachers from accountability–all at the expense of students’ learning.”Political consultant, Matt Dole, reached a similar conclusion, believing the fictitious Schrute was Pringle’s “speech coach.” It wasn’t the first time critics drew the comparison. During last year’s RA speech, the National Review’s Jack Crowe said, “Pringle believes she’s a revolutionary; that is the only conclusion to be drawn from the truly unhinged speech she delivered.””Channeling Dwight Schrute, Pringle urges her colleagues, not to raise the nation’s embarrassing reading and math scores, no, but to ‘fight for freedom,’ the National Review added. Fox News Digital contacted the NEA for comment but did not immediately receive a response.  

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