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Shocking moment caught on video: Dog owner helps choking pet as doctor gives Heimlich tips

todayJune 21, 2024 3

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A dog was spotted choking in a dramatic video before its owner jumped in to perform the Heimlich maneuver. In footage obtained by CCTV, a woman in Bangkok, Thailand, was seen making food in the kitchen when her French bulldog began to choke. (See the video at the top of this article.)The woman, who noticed that her pet had fallen to the ground, was on its back and was shaking, proceeded to check its mouth before performing the Heimlich maneuver. SOUTH CAROLINA VETERINARIAN SAVES GERMAN SHEPHERD FROM CHOKING ON TOY IN DRAMATIC MOMENT CAUGHT ON CAMERAPart of an apple was spit from the dog’s mouth — and the pet owner appeared to save its life. Fox News Digital spoke with a doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Nell Ostermeier of Portland, Oregon, about the instance and got her recommendation on what to do if any other pets are in this situation. Ostermeier said the first thing to do is to confirm your dog is choking and not actually having a seizure — as the two situations can be mistaken. DOG REACTS TO OWNER’S FAKE CHOKING IN AN UNEXPECTED WAY: ‘CERTIFIED DOGTER’”First, determine if your dog is choking,” she said. “It can be obvious if the [dog’s] collar is caught on something, and you should immediately cut or remove the collar.”Ostermeier noted that the dog in the video could have had a seizure when there was an object in its mouth, but it’s “hard to say without further questioning.”The doctor told Fox News Digital that if a pet’s lips, tongue or skin is turning blue, it means the animal is choking on an object. “Most times, dogs will dislodge the object by coughing, but if they are turning blue, you can try the Heimlich,” she recommended. The Heimlich maneuver is defined as a “first-aid procedure used to treat upper airway obstruction caused by a foreign body,” per the National Library of Medicine.NATIONAL PUPPY DAY: HOW TO PREPARE FOR A PUPPY, WHAT TO DO WHEN IT ARRIVESAlthough Ostermeier recommends trying to get your pet to a veterinarian, if possible, she said that there are different techniques for performing the Heimlich on dogs based on size. She said that medium to large dogs should be standing up before the person performing the maneuver uses their fist with the thumb on the pet’s abdomen to thrust up and forward three to five times. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERShe added, “For smaller dogs, you can pick them up and use the palm of your hand to thrust up and forward on their abdomen three to five times.”Ostermeier recommended monitoring items that may have fallen on the floor within your home — and even to monitor proper pet toys, as they could be dangerous. “Choking can be prevented by monitoring your dog when [it’s] chewing on balls, Kongs or other chew toys. [Make] sure the balls and other objects are appropriately sized for your dog,” she said. The doctor also suggested that pet owners always assess the situation by asking themselves if their pet was maybe eating too fast, chewing on a ball or was simply just coughing before taking Heimlich maneuver measures. For more Lifestyle articles, visit www.foxnews/lifestyleThe NIH states that the Heimlich maneuver “can save lives and is generally safe to perform, [but] serious intra-abdominal harm can ensue if this maneuver is not performed correctly.”Ostermeier works with Figo Pet Insurance, a Chicago-based brand. 

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