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What’s Your Worst Mosh Pit Injuries? Reddit Users Weigh In

todayMay 7, 2024 7

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What’s the worst mosh pit injuries you ever suffered? That topic came up recently in the Nu-Metal Reddit, with some truly interesting stories about some of the nicks, bruises, broken bones and even some embarrassing moments that left a lasting mark.While moshing can be a great time, there’s no doubt that most hitting the pit are welcoming contact and the possibility of physical collision and potential injury in the process. So what are some of the worst injuries from the mosh pit? Here are some of the stories:What Are Your Worst Mosh Pit Injuries?The author of the thread in the Nu-Metal Reddit served up multiple injuries that they incurred in their years of moshing. “Broken pinky at Korn in like the first song,” they proclaimed, adding the moshing word of caution, “Always push with your forearms!”They also noted, “Lost both my big toenails twice, getting shoved forward so I fall and along the way the toes of my docs slams into the ground and my big toes hit the inside of the front of the boots. I now only wear sneakers which kills my vibe,” before adding that the injuries occurred during Rammstein and Mudvayne concerts.READ MORE: How Fans Explain Moshing to People Who Don’t Know What It IsNose Are the “Breaks”There are plenty of broken limb stories, but also some broken noses as well. “Got some dancing dudes elbow to my nose and broke it at a Fear Factory concert,” remarked one fan. Another recalled, “Broke my nose and got knocked out at After the Burial.”But perhaps the most interesting broken nose story ended up in a bonding moment. “I had my nose broken while Whitechapel performed at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest years back,” remarked the commenter. “The dude was crowd killing, and while he didn’t do it purposely, I threw him in a chokehold and wailed on him a few times when i came to my senses. He apologized after a struggle, we talked a bit, and he got me a double of Jack as an apology. Good guy. We shared the same name. Such wild times.”Say What?”Once I got elbowed in the right ear so hard at a local grindcore show that I was completely deaf in that ear for 20 minutes,” revealed one mosher on the thread.Bloody OuchThis one pains us to read. The commenter recalled, “[At] Rob Zombie, my face smacked the head of the person in front of me and I tasted blood in my mouth. I wiped at my mouth and there was blood on my hand from the outside as well which confused me until after the concert and I went to a bathroom with a mirror. One of my front, bottom teeth had punctured all the way through the flesh just underneath my bottom lip.”Beware the PitThere was a cautionary tale in the thread as well, as one Reddit user recalled, “Senior year went to a Disturbed concert and one of the freshman girls really wanted to see them so we took her with us. We were watching from the stands and the pit was crazy rough, but she begged to go down so we took her there and awhile in a crowd surfer came past and she took a kick right to the head and got knocked out. Brought her back up to the stands and we stayed there for the rest of the show.”These are just a few of the shared mosh pit injuries in the Reddit thread. What are the worst ones you’ve had in your years of moshing. Drop your stories in the comments.The Weirdest Things People Have Done in a Mosh PitEveryone has an odd story from their time served as a pit veteran or warrior, whether it’s actual sex acts happening in the mosh pit, or someone riding in on their motorcycle, we’re sure some of these stories we’re about to share are just half of the crazy stuff that’s been seen down in the depths of the pit.Gallery Credit: Yasmine Summan

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